promotion and design
Adidas Originals
Alexander Wang
Content for the advertising campaign of two world brands
At the end of 2019, we took part in creating advertising content for the collaboration of Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang as part of a team from around the world and working on the "Look2" scene.
The work emphasizes futuristic linear in space style and was made in 1: 1 proportions. Static image in 7000pix resolution for different formats of social networks.

This is the final collaboration of the designer with Adidas. The collection was launched on December 14, and can be purchased at official stores, on, and from retailers. Here you can see the content we have created with other participants for the campaign:
Team Credits
Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang
Director Cat Taylor
Producer Claire Burman @ CEBE
3D Design Anatolik Belikov, Christian Behling, Duy Do Ley, Hayden Martin, Ruslan Sergeev, Safwaan Motara, Michael Wilde
Sound Design Seb Bruen
Sfx Editor Pär Carlsson
Garment Designer Bahar Ergül
Accessories Designer Martina Ponzoni
Director's assistant Holly Shaw
Post Production Jonjo Lowe, Willem Olenski

Other works: