commercial video
«LUBREX» motor oil
Commercial video about engine power with Lubrex engine oil under the hood.
The allegorical meaning of the horse is of great importance to the automotive industry and motor oils. 100% synthetic oil was specially formulated to wake up the iron horse and unleash the performance of the engine.
Concept art and illustrations
Animation process
It was important to capture the dynamic development of events in the video, but not overload the frame in order to maintain a clear narrative throughout the video.
We tried to get a more accurate representation of each scene in the storyboard. And It saved precious time to find the right plan and images in the frame.
Directed by:
Ruslan Sergeev

Concept art and illustrations:
Alya Basharova

Dima Vysotskyi

Ruslan Sergeev, German Kolotov

Horse animation: Vadim Petrichenko

Sound Design:
Anton Booster

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